Since 2004 I have been serving my clients by providing the very best in mortgage products and customer service.
I started my career working for a bank and then a mortgage company.  When my job ceased to exist due to a corporate restructuring, I took the leap to become a licensed mortgage broker and have never looked back.
I have built relationships with many professionals in the real estate and finance industry over the years and share that benefit with my clients.
My company Dominion Lending Centres provides leading-edge technology that makes the process seamless for my clients while protecting their security
I work with First-time home buyers, real estate investors, and current homeowners who want to up or downsize
I transact purchases, refinances, and renewals and have more than 20 lenders in my portfolio.
That’s me professionally
Personally, I am married to my best friend for 30 years, am a mother of four, and am an obnoxiously proud grandmother of five!
I am also an avid runner.  I have run marathons, half marathons, and other distances as well.  I love running for many reasons but one in particular is the amazing people I have met and the community. Most races have a charitable component which allows me to give back to causes I care about such as CHEO, women’s mental health, and many other worthwhile causes
One of the amazing people I met running is Sheri Moffatt.
Sheri recently joined my team and is a friendly face and voice on the phone.  She is the behind-the-scenes talent that keeps things running smoothly
Sheri is a valued team member and I am lucky to have her!